SPATIE presents


A beautiful Livewire component
to associate comments with models
in your Laravel application


Hi there!

Feel free to try out this component. The comments you submit will only be visible in your session. And I promise we'll also delete them from our server after an hour.

If you have a question, feel free to send me a mail.

Have fun! 👋

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You can use Markdown
You can use Markdown


  • A drop-in Livewire component
  • Nested comments
  • Emoji reactions 👍
  • Notifications
  • Markdown and code highlighting
  • Includes one year of updates
  • Use in a single application
49 USD
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  • Everything from the single application license
  • Includes one year of updates
  • Use in all your applications
99 USD
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A beautiful
Livewire component

Laravel Comments contains a drop-in Livewire component that allows you to add comments to any Laravel app in no time.
It's your application, so there is no third-party involved.


Sometimes you just want to give a thumbs up instead of typing a full comment. Laravel Comments comes with a set of emoji reactions out of the box.

to a thread

You’ll never miss a thing! Laravel Comments can send you email notifications whenever something happens in a discussion. Follow everything, or just the topics you're participating in.


Comments can be entered as Markdown. Not familiar with that syntax? No problem! You can use the CodeMirror editor with a compact toolbar out of the box.

| |


When you enter code snippets, we'll highlight them. Behind the scenes we use Shiki, supporting over 100+ languages.

$comments = $yourModel->comments

Good vibes

To prevent unwanted comments from being displayed, you can turn on the optional approval flow. Admins will be mailed and can also approve comments inline. Using code, you have fine-grained control over which comments need to be approved.

This is a pending comment that is awaiting approval


We've made it easy to customise any aspects of the package.
You want a flat discussion or nested comments? Need some extra behaviour? Just hook into an event fired by Laravel Comments. Need to change the looks? Publish the views and make any change you want.

Using our extensive documentation, you'll be up and running in no time!

your own UI

Our Livewire component is built upon a headless package which you’ll also get access to. That core package contains all models, notifications, and logic that can serve as the basis for a UI built on any front-end technology you like.

Easy installation

After you've purchased a license, install the package using Composer.

composer require spatie/laravel-comments-livewire

After migrating the database and having prepared your models, you can drop in the comments component in any view.
Pass in any Eloquent model you want your users to comment on.

<livewire:comments :model="$blogPostModel" />
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